Our company started its activities in our area of animal health services for veterinarians veterinary clinic by Adnan ÖZDOĞAN in August 3, 1985.

Livestock development in our region our company with the winning sectoral qualifications with the aim to expand its activities in 1993 has evolved into ÖZVET VETERINARY ANIMAL SUPPLIES INDUSTRY TRADE COMPANY LIMITED.

60 heading into production in 1992, the first free, open systems dairy cattle breeding business has been role models for our local producers.

A pioneering institution in our region has introduced ÖZVET VETERINARY ANIMAL SUPPLIES INDUSTRY TRADE COMPANY LİMİDET our producers in 1992 with the dealership KURTSAN milking machines in the process for the first time milking machines.

Dairy products are the foundation of our business was laid in August 1996. March 2, 1998 year has started production, product quality in the process, the principles of the operating principle of known stable growth has been among the prestigious sought after brands.

Production Özvet - Bioçiftlik - continues with Egefarm brands.

We use in production of milk, of the cooling tank cold chain from farms which have a healthy herd also reach our business while maintaining the cold chain of cold milk collection centers located in different regions of our company.

Our products;
White Cheese Types
Izmir Tulum Cheese
Processed Cheese
Strained Yogurt
Cottage cheese

Our franchise system with the company distributes its products in the retail sector in Izmir city center, from producer to consumer with BİOÇİFTLİK CHEESEMAKİNG name in order to achieve the shortest path continues the brand.

Izmir Food Bazaar branches the branches new branches added Buca Forbes aims at growing in this area. Farm to table food safety without compromising the principle of our company is producing sanitary environment, natural unadulterated products, developing technology transfer to human labor rising customer satisfaction is our policy to respect the fundamental indispensable nature.